Hodapp Media — Digital Services: Content, SEO, Social Media

Smart storytelling, on time and on budget. From content marketing to social media management and search engine optimization, I can help you tell a better brand story online and engage your passionate audience.


Reporting, Copy Writing/Editing

I’ve worked in the national media market for eight years as an on-staff and freelance writer and editor, producing smart, originally reported digital and print content for magazines and brands. From digital editorial packages to print feature stories, I'm well versed in content creation. I have a degree in Magazine, Newspaper and Online Journalism from the nation’s leading journalism school: the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.


Content Marketing

I write, edit and distribute content for big brands to targeted audiences online. From wellness blogs for beauty companies, to travel and fitness content for hotels, I use my journalistic expertise to tell a strong story and engage passionate consumers in a meaningful way. All content serves the brand audience first and foremost, and from a business perspective, drives back to brand awareness and follower conversion.


Social Media Management & Strategy

I build social media audiences and engage with followers on a daily basis to grow platforms and proliferate content in today’s ever-changing algorithms. The most important thing about social media is to rise above the noise. So in addition to creating editorial and promotional lineups with compelling content, I craft syndication programs and influencer networks for top-tier brands to help extend their reach. Most importantly, I use social media metrics to track and inform daily and longterm strategic decisions to serve both the audience and brand goals.


Search Engine Optimization

From macro to micro SEO strategies, I can help you holistically grow your site traffic. On the granular, I write and optimize pages in the backend of websites to improve rankings and garner engagement in search engines to build organic traffic. On-page SEO involves pages titles, meta, alt titles, deep linking strategies, heading tags and more. From the 30,000-foot view, I craft smart top-level SEO strategies which includes comprehensive audits of site navigation hierarchy, content proliferation across social media platforms, and improvement of top level pages to ensure you’re winning in your keyword universe. The main goal with SEO: to constantly evolve your content to engage users and followers you might not otherwise reach.


Bootcamps for Web, SEO and Social Media

I teach corporations how to establish digital best practices for everything from content strategy and execution, to production and optimization, to proliferation across social media and newsletter platforms. In short, I can help you build your digital strategy from the ground up, and give you the keys to truly run and grow your brand. Learn how to write smart digital copy, use metrics to inform your content choices, and leverage your social media networks to maximize engagement.